*An important environmental & privacy fact....

we are surrounded on 3 sides by MPG Ranch. No one

will ever build there. Only animals, plants and soils are studied.

The top portion of this map is                THE UPLANDS SECTION. Trees and hilly terrain. Each tract is suited for daylight basements a private settings. Sizes range from 8 to 29+ acres. They've all got that 360 degree - 80 mile view southward of the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountain Ranges.

Middle map area covers                            THE GRASSLANDS...100 YEAR OLD GRASSES with minerals for your horses and animals

Tr. 5 is 164 Ac...a ranch unto its' self!

360 degree views and ofcourse views of both the Bitterroot and Sapphire Ridge Mountain Ranges

Lower portion is PRAIRIES END...and it really is! Red Quill Ranch backs up to a  mountainous MPG RANCH A  14K acre PRIVATE CONSERVATION AREA* which is the dead end of the Bitterroot Valley. We treasure Prairies End and its' original HOMESTEAD FROM  1907,  replete with a hand built stone gold slough. A spring creek runs through.  Mostly flat land, lending its self to Prairie style ranch homes, but there are 4 tracts with some slopes for walk-out basements.




Prairies Keep:

Just One Tract Left !

Tract 24         12.28 ac



Prices thru Feb 28, 2021

3A   6484  8.25    Uplands          129,000

4A   6486  20.03   Uplands         299,000

5     6062  164.0   Grasslands     1,600,000

8A   5975  20.12   Uplands          325,000

8B-1  6138  20.31   Uplands          325,000

9     5679  29.92  Uplands          345,000

10A  6486   25.11   Uplands          325,000

24     6129  12.28  Prairies Keep    175,000

   Prices subject to change at any time

Tr 1 Barnominium  sold

Tr 7AA sold

Tr 23 sold

Tr 25 sold

Tr 26 sold

Tr 27 sold

Tr 28 sold




Prairies Keep